Saturday, May 23, 2009

Decision time

I decided I could not start taking the Topiramate yet. If the Propranolol I took a few years ago stopped working because my use of Solpadiene simultaneously reduced its potency (as the consultant had told me) then I should try Propanolol again now that I'm off the codeine. My GP was happy to agree with me and so I started a course of propranolol on May 15th. So far so good...

Friday, May 15, 2009

An undeserved hangover

We went to a smashing 65th Birthday Party in the village on Saturday night complete with large bonfire and  fireworks.  Plenty of food and wine, although as always I was the only teetotaller in the room.  This is never a problem for me; I don't need alcohol to get merry, but I often suffer the following morning with a hangover worse than my husband's.  Sunday morning was no exception and a full-blown common migraine erupted in the early hours.  We had family coming for Sunday lunch, so lying down in a darkened room was not an option: it had to be fought.  Naproxen proved useless again and really upset my stomach.  Could it have been triggered by  party-food or elation? Neither explanation would be acceptable, but maybe the few spoonfuls of chili on an otherwise bland plateful was a mistake.

It lasted through Sunday night and all-day Monday (spent in a darkened room) despite another go with a Naproxen and Omniprazole taken together early in the day.  It's shadow was still there on Tuesday morning but by lunchtime I was back to normal.