Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mixed Messages

I suppose the fact that I'm not thinking of writing this as regularly as I used to means the misery really is less than it used to be. However immediately after writing "Better Times" I had less intense than normal but nevertheless unpleasant common migraine. Maybe the very act of focussing on the blog is triggering something! A horrible thought.

Yesterday I had to cancel a day out with a friend because I awoke with another common migraine and felt incapable of driving. It did not last past lunchtime but I began to think that the minor liberties I'm taking with the diet are likely to be causing these more frequent attacks. These liberties are mainly sating my craving for fruit by risking muffins with currants and dates and also an apple pie. I've also been trying a little potato salad and this afternoon had some blackcurrant jam for the first time since starting the diet. More sinfully perhaps I had a chicken baguette for lunch at a cafe on Tuesday and this turned out to be really nice - far spicier than anything tasted in the last few weeks. (Surprisingly this did not upset my stomach.) I could argue that rather than taking liberties, I'm adding back foods in a controlled fashion to see whether they have any effect. Unfortunately, everything I add back seems to have an adverse effect.

Looking back to April when I first came off amitriptyline, there is however no doubt whatsoever that I feel heaps better. Equally theres no doubt that the "heads" are less troublesome both in frequency and intensity. Sleep patterns continue to improve, and while I still get up between 5am and 6am most days, it is a pleasure to be up, often in the garden, on these still calm summer mornings.

For the last 3-4 days the gastro problem has been better so maybe the persistence with Zoton is paying off.


Kerrie said...

I sometimes worry that the mere act of thinking the word migraine triggers one!

I hope things have settled down a bit for you since your last post.

I'm enjoying your blog and have tagged you with the six weird things meme.

I hope you'll participate!

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