Thursday, June 07, 2007

Normal again?

It's a week since I last wrote and I'm trying to remember the details. Overall I'm now pretty convinced that the diet is the key to the reduced frequency of migraines. I've had one relatively minor migranous event in the last seven days, and this hangover-like incident followed a very nice three-course meal out at a good restaurant this Tuesday. I woke up with a bad head on Wednesday morning early, took 2 Solpadienes and by lunchtime it had faded. I also ate out on Saturday night and while there were no immediate ill-effects I feel this in some way contributed to "going over the top" with Tuesday's meal. In neither outing was it possible to avoid some of the no-no items in the migraine diet, and I feel while I can take the occasional risk*, two within the same few days leads to trouble. This was the case on the cruise, and once over the top I need a few days of careful eating to detox and get back to normal.

Looking back at the early days of coming off amitriptyline, I realise how everything seemed magnified in the first few weeks: all the little worries and concerns were amplified to the extent that I was really depressed and could not see the point of not starting to take it again. I seemed to be screaming silently all the time. It was a true addiction and one that I am now well rid of. Dare I say I feel normal again - mentally, and at the moment the migraine frequency and intensity is lower than it has been for ages.

Sleepwise, things are still disturbed. Some nights I get through without sleepers and others I don't even though I've taken some. I suppose I feel things are getting better but very gradually: either that or I'm less concerned about sleeping less.

One new issue - I hesitate to add - is a recurrence of the ulcer symptoms I suffered from about 15 years ago. The doctor has decided to put me back on Zoton for a month to see it this controls the unusual "ache" which is not burning and not ordinary indigestion. When I first had this someone said these symptoms were migraine related. Now I wonder if they're migraine-diet related.

* By "risk" I mean some gravy with the main course or a dessert with some summer fruits in. Alcohol, citrus fruits, chocolate, cheese and all the other common triggers never pass my lips.

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