Wednesday, April 08, 2009

False Alarm?

Last night I had some of the symptoms of a classic migraine arriving: feeling of elation followed by a numb left arm and visual disturbances. I went to bed expecting the worst, but despite not sleeping well, woke today without a headache. Now, at 9pm nothing has yet developed.

I got the Naproxen and Topiramate prescription from the neurologist today but as the Topiramate were in capsule form and I was supposed to take half a 25mg tablet to start with, I asked the pharmacist to replace them with tablets. These should arrive tomorrow. The Naproxen are to take if I get a severe headache which would normally have me reaching for the Co-codamol. I also have extra Omeprazole to take along with the Naproxen so that my gastric problem is not exacerbated.

Whether or not I start the Topiramate immediately or wait and see what the headache frequency is as I come of Co-codamol remains to be decided (by me!)

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