Sunday, April 29, 2007

Settling down?

But for the sleep difficulties and dizziness whenever I move my head quickly I've had a couple of good days. I've stuck to the migraine diet and avoided any medication but for half a Temazapan two nights ago when I woke at 4 am and a whole one last night when I woke at 1 am. The half failed to get me back to sleep so I got up and did the ironing at 5am. Last night the whole one worked and I slept until 0530 - the best night for ages especially considering I went to bed at 1030pm (an hour earlier than usual) due to extreme tiredness.

Looking back over time since I started this blog and went on the diet, I don't think I've had a full blown migraine since April 11th - that is if I assume the "event" of April 13th was due to the Ciprofloxacin - more a collection of headaches and nausea which may well be associated with the rapid withdrawal from amitriptyline.

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