Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday again

After waking up feeling like yesterday, the head cleared by 9am and a much better day resulted. Maybe the Lisinopril has successfully kept an attack in the background through yesterday and last night. However I've been established on the migraine diet since Sunday and the resulting detoxification might be helping too.

Yesterday I had a breakfast of Branflakes with semi-skimmed milk, homemade bread and butter, and a cup of tea. Lunch comprised a tomato sandwich and water, and I had a jacket pototo with spinach, omelette and water for dinner. Supper: half a brown bread roll and butter. This morning I had porridge, tea and water for breakfast, tomato and basil soup with water for lunch (additive free), and poached white fish with jacket pototo, butter and stir-fried (veg.oil) broccoli, onion and red pepper for dinner - with water.

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