Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another Migraine Day

This one came out of the blue. None of the usual precursors, other than feeling murderous yesterday afternoon after being stressed-out for no apparent reason all morning. I suppose there's a continuous low-level of stress associated with keeping house, husband and Village Hall under control and tidy, and this level is sometimes increased by other pressures arising in the family.

Dietwise, there's almost nothing I can blame other than feeling guilty about yesterday's consumption of biscuits (two) and that wonderfully wicked dessert of meringue and dulce de leche. Maybe I should try doing without the latter for a while to avoid raising the blood sugar too suddenly.

The headache and nausea woke me up at about 3 am but I managed to get off for an hour or so before it woke me again, this time so bad that I just had to take something even though I knew it would do no good. This need to do "something" at moments like this is an irresistable compulsion, (much like the need for a blast of sweetness at some point during the day) and the "something" was taking two paracetamol and a Nurofen. At this stage it's worse lying down than sitting up so I got up and made breakfast (porridge - at 6am) and sat quietly as the tablets did no good and the migraine took over. I get overwhelmingly depressed by the whole pattern of events at this stage. Nothing is right, everything is wrong. The pain is like nothing else I experience and I know I just have to sit still and bear it.

By lunchtime (bran flakes and toast) it was no better and when my husband came back at about 2:30pm he insisted that I tried to ease the pain with two Solpadiene. These sometimes help and this time they did. The headache dulled, and while the nausea continued unabated, I was able to move into the conservatory and watch Charlie the pheasant destroying a parched molehill to create a dustbath. It's the little things in life that keep you going...

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