Sunday, May 06, 2007

Up and Down

Had a couple of good days, Saturday being great enough to make me think I was finally getting on top of things. On Saturday night I went out for a meal at a friends house in the village with the usual trepidation related to what I might have to eat. The meal seemed fine, excellent in fact, but I can never be sure that the homemade soup or sauce doesn't contain something I'm trying to avoid.

At 4 am Sunday I woke with the start of what I thought would be a day of nausea and headache, and things deteriorated until I took 2 Solpadeine at around 8 am. As with the last episode, the tablets dulled the headache considerably and whilst feeling drained and wobbly, I was able to get over to see the grandchildren and have an enjoyable afternoon but for the full aura of a classic migraine coming on at about 4pm. As in the old days of mainly classic migraines I could feel it coming before the aura started, but as with the other recent classics, they seem to follow a common migraine, and their post-aura headache is more manageable than it used to be. I guess my system is still a bit haywire after the drug withdrawal.

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