Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In the Monet again

Today dawned bright and clear and while I missed the sunrise by an hour or so, I'd left yesterday's Heironymous Bosch behind and emerged in a Claude Monet landscape.

This afternoon however, on the way home from a nice outing to Stratford-on-Avon I had the full aura of a classic migraine for half and hour followed by the usual headache, which in comparison to the common migraine "killer" is gentle and managable. This common-classic one-two has happened on several occasions, and while the classic migraine headache continues this evening, if I wasn't writing this blog it would hardly be worth mentioning.

A medication-free day, however for lunch in Stratford I could do no better than an egg mayonnaise sandwich from Marks and Spencer: the mayonnaise being a no-no for the migraine diet. Swift retribution in the shape of a classic? I doubt it.

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